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When it comes to waterproofing fake rock projects there’s no one better suited to testify to what works, and what doesn’t, than the people who’ve been building projects for years. So check out the responses I got to the question “What are the best water proofing strategies to use on faux rock waterfalls, streams and ponds? that I posed on Facebook’s A.R.T. – Artificial Rock & Themer’s United

A big THANK YOU shout out to them all for their feedback!

“Mulasticoat is a great waterproofing for waterfalls in So.Cal because of earthquake movement it has elastic that stretches to keep cracks closed. Aquafin is the best on the market for commercial projects for waterfalls to keep water from coming through from groundwater and keep it from leaking out of your waterfall and cement bonds to it very well because it cementaious. Firestone 30mil liners is the best to use for ponds because its UV resistant and had a lifetime warranty if installed properly”.